18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Having positive thoughts does not mean avoiding reality. However unfortunate our circumstances may be, we are primarily responsible for creating and directing our thoughts or Positive Vibe.

Viktor Frankl, a famous psychiatrist and neurologist, analyzed the search for meaning in atrocious and inhuman contexts. He was sent with his family to Nazi concentration camps. Only he and his sister survived. Despite the barbarities he witnessed, he also saw how some people maintained their desire to continue to survive and do their best.

Frankl, developed the logotherapy, a psychotherapy that is that we are all free and able to find our own sense of life. This can be achieved through our actions, our relationships with others and the acceptance of the suffering inherent in our existence. Then we will give you 20 recommendations for you to generate and maintain your own positive thoughts and show you How To Become Succeed.

1. Be Realistic

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Negative thoughts hurt us in all areas of our lives and make it difficult for us to move forward. In fact, we can even fall into cognitive distortions , which are pessimistic biases of reality as "all the people I know speak badly about me behind my back."

On the other hand, Pollyanna's principle refers to the tendency of some people to overestimate the chances of experiencing beneficial events. It is named for a novel called Pollyanna in which its protagonist was only able to see the good side of things. This superabundance of optimism is harmful because it makes it difficult to think and act rationally.

Having Positive Thoughts or Think Positively does not mean avoiding reality. It simply implies contemplating the world from a practical and objective perspective without losing the desire to dream or the illusion.

2. Accept Negative Thoughts

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

It is also essential to tolerate negative thoughts. Emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or anxiety and the thoughts inherent in them are generally adaptive. The important thing is to know how to manage them and act accordingly.

4. Practice physical exercise

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Spending time regularly on activities such as going to the gym, going for a run or playing football matches has a positive impact on our cognitive functions, our mood or our self-esteem. However, if we want to have positive thoughts it is relevant that we enjoy the process and not take physical activity only as a means.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive Peoples

Positivity attracts more positivity. This attitude is spread. Spending more time with people who always see the half-full glass helps us contemplate life from a more practical and healthy perspective.

6. Reserve Time For Your Favorite Activities

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips
It's easy to forget yourself with the busy life we ​​usually lead. However, spending a few moments a day for what really makes us happy will increase our positive thoughts. On the other hand, it is also vital to spend time with our loved ones. Also Read Short Thoughts On Motivation & Positivity.

7. Devote yourself to altruistic actions

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

The Positive thoughts associated with superficial goods such as money are ephemeral. Instead, the really significant sprout thanks to healthy relationships with other people. Helping others selflessly increases our well-being in a lasting way.

8. Laugh

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Laughter has numerous beneficial health effects . For example, it reduces stress, burns calories and improves the health of our heart. In addition, it allows us to feel comfortable with ourselves and favors positive thoughts. It is important to take our everyday problems with humor, watch a movie that makes us laugh out loud, or meet people with whom we are unraveled.

9. Practice mindfulness

Surely you have heard about this technique. It is based on paying full attention to the present moment and accepting it. Mindfulness improves our attention, reduces stress, anxiety, obsessive thoughts and has many other advantages. Also, we can always find a place to include it in our day to day.

10. Get inspired by positive thinkers positive thinkers

Examples of personal improvement and day-to-day optimism help us generate more positive thoughts. For example, books like Man in search of the meaning of Viktor Frankl encourage us to adopt a resilent attitude full of energy and enthusiasm.

12. Look for the positive side of things

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Even the greatest fatalities can be seen from an optimistic perspective. There are facts, such as the death of a loved one, that we cannot change. However, after a period of grief (necessary and healthy), we will be able to face the situation and move on.

It is natural that it is more complicated to have positive thoughts in some situations than in others. However, we can try to make a list with the possible advantages of dislikes such as losing a job or not winning a prize for which we had worked relentlessly. However crazy this activity may seem at the beginning, there is always some benefit.

13. Focus On Problems Solving

Regardless of the reason that sometimes prevents us from having more positive thoughts, surely it is possible to improve the situation or see it from a more positive perspective.

14. Become Compliments

"This shirt feels great," "I have been really efficient today," "I deserve a good prize." Recognizing our little triumphs is elementary to have positive thoughts.

We don't need to wait for others to praise us. We are the first to be flattered. It is essential that not a single day passes without our reflection on our strengths.

15. Visualize Positive Events

Imagine meeting our goals is an inexhaustible source of well-being. For example, if you want to excel in a work meeting, you can close your eyes and visualize how you transmit security through your body language , how you speak concisely, how your colleagues listen to you, etc.

It is essential that you focus on the positive feelings that these actions will report to you and that you feel able to achieve it. Even so, it is also important that we try to consider step by step the concrete actions that will allow us to achieve our objectives. In this way, our ideas will not remain in mere illusions.

16. Say Out Loud Positive Phrases

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

You can say throughout the day phrases like "today is going to be a fabulous day," "I believe in my ability to feel good," "nobody will make me bitter if I don't want to" or "I accept myself as I am." It is important that you repeat them as many times as you need until you feel them.

It is also essential to focus on these statements being realistic and not speaking by speaking. Gradually you will gain confidence and increase your well-being. It is crucial that we convince ourselves that these phrases may be true and that the key to making them a reality is in our attitude.

17. Be Grateful

It is easy to concentrate on everything that bothers us or our biggest problems. However, this tendency can lead us to forget to appreciate the countless good elements found in our lives. Stopping for a moment to value them and even to thank the people who support us are habits that multiply our positive thoughts.

18. Reduce Your Complaints

18 Most Important Tips To Increase Positive Thinking| Personality Development Tips

Complaining aloud and recreating in negative events keeps undesirable ideas. We need to let off steam and seek support several times. However, the habit of commenting on each and every one of the small inconveniences of everyday life does us no favor.

You can propose as a challenge not to complain (without really unpleasant reasons) for a small period of time like a week. You will soon observe how your positive thoughts increase.

19. Carry A Self-Registration

Writing down which thoughts produce well-being, which are intrusive, in which contexts arise, how often they appear, what are our feelings before them and other aspects related to these questions helps us to introduce the necessary modifications to increase our positive thoughts.

You can make lists with all the activities that make you feel good, the songs you love to sing in the shower, the moments that encourage you to smile, the comments that allow you to laugh out loud or with any issue that arouses your positive thoughts.

20. Be constant

It is necessary to cultivate positive thoughts. It is not enough to follow a couple of tips and give up. Sometimes we do not need to make any effort to wake up full of energy and desire to change the world. However, sometimes persistence is one of the keys to success to achieve a positive attitude.

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